Corona de Tucson Baptist Church
Thursday, February 20, 2020
Jesus - Where God's Heart Meets Your Heart

Sunday Schedule

     S.S. 9:45am

     Worship 11:00am & 6:00pm

Wednesday Night

   Prayer/Youth 7:00pm

(520) 762-1613

16540 S. Houghton Road (map)



Coming Events




Community Outreach Saturday March 7 at 9:00 a.m.  Receive one or more Outreach Welcome bags & prayerfully commit yourself to deliver them within 2 weeks to people who recently moved nearby. 


                                             “Fall” and “autumn” were both once known as “harvest,” according to And “harvest” is technically the earliest name for this season.


REFRESHING PRAYER Study starts March 1, Sunday night, 6:00 pm. Paul Miller's A Praying Life offers practical advice on relieving guilt and escaping hollow prayer rituals.  Discover how to talk to God more meaningfully in the midst of daily routines, to speak to your Heavenly Father with childlike faith, to humbly yield your life desires to God so you can live out your Father's story for you, understand unanswered petitions, & more.  Study Guide is provided.



DISCOVERING YOUR SPIRITUAL GIFTS on Wednesday nights at 7:00 p.m.  Find help identifying your primary Motivational gift from God's Spirit, discover the Ministries for which God has best suited you, and understand the Manifestations of the Holy Spirit to meet immediate and critical needs in our lives and others!

 Praying Cowby at Cross in Color                                                                


MONTHLY MEN'S FELLOWSHIP is held the second Saturday of each month.  We take the month of July off.  Next meet is Saturday morning March 14, 8:30-11:00 am.  Enjoy Breakfast, supportive fellowship, & a Bible Study on Finishing Well from II Timothy


Monthly WOMEN'S FELLOWSHIP meets the second Saturday of each month.  We next meet Saturday March 14, 12:00- 3:00 pm.  Bring a dish for a Potluck lunch.  Enjoy a new Bible study with Elisabeth Elliot, Suffering Is Not for Nothing.


REVIVAL PRAYER for our NATION is held the first Sunday of each month.  It will next meet Sunday March 1 at 9:00 A.M.  This is an opportunity to pray for revival to come to ourselves, our families, our community, and our Nation, by asking the Lord to break our hearts over sin and the horrors of those perishing all around us due to the ravages of godlessness.  We desperately need a great outpouring of God's Spirit!   "For the time has come for judgment, and it must begin first among God's own children. And if even we Christians must be judged, what terrible fate awaits those who have never believed God's Good News?"

(I Peter 4:17, New Living Translation).